Collie Pest Control is a family owned and operated company providing our local community with appropriate and honest pest solutions in and around Mason County, WA. Our mission is to deliver outstanding service that is individualized to each customers unique needs in a manner that is appropriate to the issues present while minimizing impacts to our environment.

We offer solutions to resolve current pest invasions and preventive services shielding your home or business from pest encroachment. Our promise is that we will only prescribe the necessary measures to accomplish each customer’s needs, prioritizing reduction of our foot print on our environment and your wallet.

we believe

Our Mission

Our recommendations will be based on actual need rather than profits. (people over profit)

honesty + Integrity

The products applied to your property will be Washington State Department of Agriculture approved and application will be in accordance with their by-laws; protecting people, pets, and plants from harmful contaminants

environmentally friendly

Unlike the big box providers, who claim to provide “free” re-services that lack quality or completion, we will not consider a job complete until all goals have been achieved. We will be transparent about timelines and expectations from the initial consultation and persist until all parties are satisfied.

satisfaction guaranteed

Our Values

No call services or middle-man here. When you need us, we will be there. As owners and operators, we are involved in each service.

people first

As a member of the Shelton community, our intentions are to become the “go to” provider for any and all pest control solutions, building a long term presence, nourishing our community as a small business and local neighbor.

Our Vision